Even if do not besmear even segregation frost, also suggest moderate discharge makeup.

Oily, mixed, neutral skin can be once or twice a week, dry, sensitive skin can be once a week.

Know that sometimes air filth and skin secretions blend together and are no easier to clean than cosmetics.

Double cleaning, facial cleaner.

Hold to discharge makeup regularly for a long time, can make the skin changes more delicate.

   Apply only sunscreen/barrier cream, also need to remove makeup

  Use bask in, segregate product, have the product that decorates color of skin, waterproof function especially must discharge makeup.

If bask in coefficient tall, emphasize to fight water to fight perspire, prevent bask in product to be able to compare sticky greasy, wash facial milk is washed not clean, residue causes skin problem thereby.

However, some BB cream, sunscreen is very clear and gentle not waterproof, direct use of clean strong facial cleanser can be washed.

      Does discharge makeup won't there be harm to the skin?

Correct makeup removal is not harmful to the skin.

Just because after removing makeup, you have to wash your face with facial cleanser again and clean it twice.

If the cleaning power is very strong, long-term excessive cleaning, will cause problems.

All you have to do is get a grip.

On the contrary, the consequences of not removing makeup are far more serious!  

Blackheads, pimples, and large pores are often the result of not washing your face properly.