Care tools for wigs: air comb and wig care fluid

 Nursing steps:

1.Divide the wig into sections, not too much each, about five centimeters wide, and put the rest of the hair to one side.

2.Spray the wig care fluid on the wig, then grab with your hand, and then take out the comb, comb from the end of the hair, pay attention to start from below oh, if there are knots, with some force or cut off.

3.When you've finished with the end of your hair, work your way up, starting in the middle and moving up to the top of your head, until the wig is completely brushed.(Tip: Comb gently, or you'll lose a lot of hair.)

4.The rest of the wig was brushed in the same way.

5.If you're not satisfied, then you can put on a little conditioner and brush it over and over again.