Due to different seasons and climates, skin care products in spring, summer, autumn and winter will be different, and the skin care steps will also be changed accordingly. Let me share my skin care steps in autumn and winter. I don't know if fairies are like me ~

 Use order of different skin care products:

From sparse (toner) to thick (lotion), this will allow the skin to absorb better.

Morning: cleanser -- toner -- essence -- eye cream -- lotion -- face cream -- sunscreen -- isolation -- foundation -- makeup

Evening: Remove makeup first, then follow the morning routine from cleanser to cream.

About Skin care products:

About toners.

Its function is to clean and restore the surface of the skin acid and alkali value, make the skin better absorbed. Use firm toner for oily skin and mixed skin T zones, toner for healthy skin, toner for dry skin, and toner or repair for sensitive skin.

About eye cream.

Use a refreshing moisturizing eye cream in your early 20s and an anti-aging eye cream in your mid-20s.

About sun protection.

Need sun protection all year round!!

About creams and lotions.

Face frost and emulsion are to change according to different seasons. The summer suits the skin care of emulsion kind, because summer perspires easily, with emulsion kind absorb more easily.

The winter suits the skin care product of the face cream kind. The skin care product of the face cream kind is extremely nutritious, infuse nutrition and moisture for the skin in dry autumn and winter season is perfect.

If the order of skin care products is not correct, it is likely to lead to the skin not absorbing the nutrients in skin care products, both a waste of time and money, so don't bother, must pay attention to the order, to maximize the skin care effect.