Lung --20 years old, do not smoke, exercise more, go out for an outing more.

Brain - at 20 years old, eat plenty of fruit, take a walk, play some brain games.

Skin - Age 25 years old. Eat lots of vegetables and yellow and orange fruits.

Hair -30 years old, head massage, vitamin B supplements.

Hearing -30 years old, less headphones, eating more calcium, iron and zinc food.

Breasts -35 years old, wear stable underwear, eat less spicy food, massage regularly.

Reproduction -35 years old, early birth, drinking less drinks, keep a good mood.

Bone -35 years old. Eat a diet high in calcium and phosphorus. Exercise scientifically.

Eyes -40 years old, eye painting rice word, vitamin A supplement.

Heart - at age 40, exercise.

Kidney -50 years old, drink plenty of water, eat properly, massage the waist.

Gut -55 years old, eat slowly and increase dietary fiber intake.