Hyaluronic acid (hydrating and moisturizing)

A moisturizing agent, the deep acupuncture reaction to collagen will promote subcutaneous collagen stimulation regeneration, leaving skin shiny, plump and tender.

Amino acids (moisturizing and locking water)

Amino acids are the components of proteins that provide skin immunity, regulate skin moisture, acids and bases, and balance oils and oils.

Jojoba oil (deep water lock)

It has the effect of regulating moisture on the skin, and is easily absorbed by the skin, and can strengthen the skin moisture barrier.

Glycerin (long-lasting hydrating)

Glycerin forms a protective film on the skin's surface, locking moisture in the skin, reducing water loss and insulating the skin from the air.

Purslane (soothing and moisturizing)

It can clear away heat, detoxify, reduce inflammation and reduce swelling. It can replenish water deeply while reducing inflammation and replenish water for healthy cells from the bottom.